Investment design

The main activities architectural studio ADOR specializes in are architectural design, interiors design and urban planning

Architectural studio ADOR works with a team of experienced specialists in all parts of the investment project design - architecture, interior and furniture design, construction, electrical, HVAC and energy efficiency, water supply and sewage, geodesy, park development and public works, fire safety, health and safety at work plan, surveying road, management plan of construction waste. We take care of all documentation necessary to earn a building permit.

investment control

We take control over the whole construction process for you - we accept and we approve acts for performed construction works in accordance with the construction standards and contracts. We organize activities in controlling the quality of the construction works. We control the comprehensive documentation - design, construction and technological documentation, as well as the monitor its implementation. We prepare bills of quantities in project documentation, prepare reference works invite for tenders and competitions, help the conclusion of contracts with construction organizations.


We offer consulting on Law on Spatial Planning, on the problems in issuing permission for construction and commissioning of the operation.


Preinvestment study
  • Feasibility study
  • Clarifiication of the output data and documents
  • Preparation of job design
Investment design
  • Design in the conceptual stage
  • Design in the technical phase
  • Design in the working phase
Interior design
  • Design in the conceptual stage
  • Design in the working phase
  • Visualization
Urban planning
  • Regulation and urban status
  • Opportunities for development
  • Plan for regulation and construction
  • Documentation for construction permit
  • Preparation of bills of quantities
  • Documentation for selecting a contractor
Author's supervision
  • Monitoring the project
  • Coordination of all parts of investment design
  • Preparation of as-built documentation
Investment control
  • Preparation of a timetable for impementation
  • Adoption of stages of construction works
  • Monitoring the performance of the builder
Architectural visualization
  • 3D modelling

  • Visualization

  • End previews
  • Advice of any kind related to the construction process and its documentation