About us

    ADOR is an architectural studio and construction consultant, located in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are a responsible and reliable partners to our customers in the area of building design and construction. The mutual cooperation is an important part of our work.

        Our company covers a comprehensive research and design for all parts of the project:
  • - Single-family and multifamily residential buildings
  • - Famiy hotels and hotel complexes
  • - Holiday villages
  • - Office, administrative and commercial buildings
  • - Industrial production buildings and warehouses
  • - Urban development projects
  • - Interior design
  • - Reconstruction and rehabilitation of buildings

    •     Additional activities we offer:
    • - Author's supervision, technical and investment control
    • - Architectural consulting services

        Architectural studio "ADOR" has a team of professionals - architects and engineers, who guarantee every customer an individual approach to each project - adequate and high quality solution. We pay attention to both - the big picture and big problems, and we come to elaborate the smallest architectural details. Each project is fully consistent with the customer's need and the functions of the building.

Our projects

Plan for regulation and development
Design solution for the regulation and development between villages Voynegovtsi and Lokorsko, Sofia District, Bulgaria.
Business center
High building feature a business center with three main bodies with offices and two levels - commercial area, Sofia city, Bulgaria.
Cinema center
Cinema video center with 3 main cinema halls, a multimedia area and commercial area, Sofia city, Bulgaria.
Luxury five-star seaside hotel
Luxury five star seaside SPA hotel Chernomorets city, Bulgaria.
Park development plan
Park development plan for the territory of the educational and sports facilities, village Verinsko, Bulgaria.

Steps of architectural workflow

  • 1
    Once the investment plan is clear follow pre-investment and feasibility study.
    To provide a good solution that is original and efficient, the first thing we do is to prepare detailed terms of reference, in which the client has the greatest participation. We clarify the client's needs, desires, opportunities for performance, etc.
  • 2
    The next important step in the design is the development of a project that satisfies the assignment.
     In the conceptual design we clarify the design solution with the necessary drawings - situation plan, example furniture, elevations, etc. In this phase we also clarify the architectural image. In the absence of job project idea serves as a reference for the next phase of design - technical design.
  • 3
    Based on the conceptional design it is developed technical project that can now be implemented construction works.
    In this phase all drawings worked up, deepen and complement the design decisions of project concept and is the basis for issuing a building permit.
    The technical design is used for contracting of the construction and its initiation.
  • 4
    The next step is the actual construction.
    In case you have not chosen contractor, we help with the preparation of bills of quantities, shaping the documentation and organization of the procedure for determining it.
    While the construction is carried out investment and architectural supervision on the implementation of the investment project, coordination of the construction process to its completion and commissioning.
  • 5
    Interior design is part of the services we offer.
    In interior all the items are defined in detail - furniture, lighting.
    A common vision of the space in the building is given with interior design - it brings order and style of your office or home
  • 6
    Welcome to your dream house!
    Now you only need to bring toothbrush and toothpaste and live in your new home.
    One of the most important criteria for a building that is good, is whether it "works" with you. Functionality and architectural image always go hand in hand.